Welcome to the First Presbyterian Church of Arkport. 
“A people with a warm heart and a willing spirit.”


As a people centered  in Jesus Christ, we are
biblically rooted and evangelically minded,
Spirit empowered and Gospel driven.

Our great desire is to see Jesus Christ
honored in our lives and families,
in our church and in the world.



Our core convictions:
*The Trinity whereby God is revealed and self-named as: Father, Son, Holy Spirit.
*The uniqueness of Jesus Christ, the Living Word, fully God, fully human.
*The authority of Scripture as God’s written word to humanity.
*The vicarious atonement by Jesus Christ.
*The free gift of salvation by God’s grace, received through faith.

Our vision for ministry:
We believe God has called, equipped and sent us to…
*Stir people to worship with their whole heart, mind, body, and strength
*Joyfully experience the life of Christ through one another
*Enlarge our learning, loving, and living of God’s Word
*Invite others into the family of God through faith in Jesus Christ
*Share with others the hope of all God’s promises

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