People often ask me about the books I am reading.  That seems reasonable enough as I was always curious about what my pastor was reading.   I think books are important, but I am a slow reader.  So, for the most part, I read articles rather than books.  When I do read a book, I like to share my thoughts on it.  Sadly, in recovering from a crashed website, I lost most of my book reviews and so I am starting over.  Oh, and book "review" may be too strong a word; it may just be a reflection.

Stone and Dung, Oil and Spit: Jewish Daily Life in the Times of Jesus by Jodi Magness



Waking up White and Finding Myself in the Story of Race by Debby White

Race Relations

Getting the Garden Right by Richard Barcellos

Theology, Creation


Surface at the Pole by Commander Calvert USN

Non-fiction adventure, spirituality

Art of War by Sun Tzu.

Spiritual warfare

Devotions for a Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas

Marriage, devotional

Final Days of Jesus by Simon Gibson



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