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About us


This congregation has a rich history dating to the early days of Arkport itself.  We are grateful for the contributions of faithful believers who have gone before us.  Our purpose is to worship our wonderful God and to live out our lives faithfully, blessing one another and our community.  We have a very high opinion of Scripture.  We believe that the Bible is God-breathed and a normal means of wisdom and grace.  By wisdom, we mean that study of the Word can aid us in right thinking about God, ourselves, the world around us, and how best to live out our days.  By grace, we mean that time in the Word, we can draw closer to God in a trusting, loving friendshi.


We believe that God watches over us and moves among us.   We have seen too many miracles and changed lives to believe otherwise.    Our church family faces all the same challenges as the world, like wounded relationships, sickness, substance abuse, and financial difficulties.   Still, we are not tossed about by the storms of life nor do we tremble in fear.  Our faith is encouraged through biblical preaching and we enjoy a peace that passes worldly understanding  as we remember  God's tender love for us.  

Outside of worship and Bible studies, we enjoy fellowship with each other in the form of brunches, game nights, and special activities.  


Visitors will be greeted by warm hearts and genuine interest.  Our church family is one that has deep regard and affection for one another.   There are many ways in which you might choose to deepen your faith with us.  We have Bible studies on Tuesday morning, Wednesday night, and Sunday morning before worship.  We have a women's group that meets every Wednesday morning and a men's group that meets the 2nd and 4th Sunday evening of the month.  Wednesday evening worship services are informal and an opportunity to connect in a personal way with other worshipers as we sing songs, offer short Scripture readings and prayers.

We regard children as an important part of Christ's church in the here and now, not merely "the future of the church."   At the moment, we are an older congregation.  We love children and host a couple of different youth ministries.  Still, with sports and other activities, we do not always have children worshiping with us.  When there are children, there is always a Children's Message.  

Arkport Presbyterian Church

A local gathering of the family of God.

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